Ashley began practicing yoga about 10 years ago shortly after having been in a fairly severe car accident. She found that not only did yoga help her physically recover, it helped her emotionally as well. She felt so deeply moved by the practice of yoga and the changes it had created in her own life that she decided to become a teacher in hopes of sharing the gifts of yoga with others. Ashley graduated from Frog Pond Yoga Centre's 200 Hour teacher training program in February 2016, and continues her education through workshops and various classes. She hopes to enroll in a 500 Hour teacher training in the near future. When not on her mat you can find Ashley spending time with those she cherishes most in this world and laughing at just about everything.




Ashley's current class schedule!



Price: $12 drop in
$60 six class pass!

Time: 8:15AM -9:15AM
personal training - leominster, ma

To Book a Class or Private Session,
please call 978-502-4867

or email Ashley at

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For new and experienced yogis, small class or private instruction can help individuals focus on posture development, deepen practice, or simply introduce yoga in a safe and anxiety-reducing way.

For beginning students, time spent one on one will ensure that postures are performed safely and in alignment with your individual body, right from the start. Our bodies need different things depending on our biomechanics, injuries, and body strengths. Every body is different! Not all postures should look the same for everybody, as we are all created differently.

Advanced students often times want to take their practice to a new level and benefit from the individualized attention a private session will allow for. A private yoga training session will individualize yoga for you, and make future classes you take more beneficial. Private yoga can be individualized for your goals and needs.



"Feel Good Flow" with Ashley Valeri Feel Good Flow is a smooth blend of hatha and vinyasa yoga where you will have moments of holding postures for added strengthening and stretching, and times where you will move through postures with the rhythm of your breath creating heat and energy in your body. This is a 60 minute class that will leaving you feeling just plain GOOD.


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